At Lakewood, we provide treatment for a wide variety of individuals all with varying situations. We may have an athlete recovering from an injury next to an elderly person with a total hip replacement. There may be someone suffering from chronic back pain seeking relief alongside someone who has just had carpal tunnel surgery. Everyone has the same goal. To get back to enjoying your life as best you can! We are dedicated to that goal. Here are some of the services that our highly trained therapists offer on a one-on-one basis:

Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Sports Injuries
Industrial Rehabilitation
Hand and Wrist Rehabilitation
Elbow and Shoulder Rehabilitation
Neck and Back Rehabilitation
Knee Rehabilitation
Ankle and Foot Rehabilitation
Hip Rehabilitation
TMJ treatments
Vestibular Rehabilitation
Gait training
Cervical / Lumbar traction
McKenzie Back Program
Postural Restoration